5 Common Reasons For Jeep Wrangler Radio Not Working

The radio on a Jeep Wrangler is an electrical equipment that can malfunction because of various issues such as defective fuse, faulty amplifier, faulty wirings, faulty head unit, malfunctioning tuner or antenna, and so on.

These issues can make the radio completely inoperable or can cause the radio to lose signal occasionally, make static noise, and create other irregular sounds. Different electrical units work together to ensure proper function of the radio which means that a fault in one of the parts or several parts might be the reason behind your Jeep Wrangler’s radio not working properly.

By following the procedures discussed below, you can identify the exact issue that is causing the malfunction of the radio of your Jeep Wrangler and solve it accordingly. Always follow safety procedures while handling electrical components. Wear safety gloves and handle the electrical wires, connection points, and the battery with care.

What Are The Causes and The Fixes of The Problem of A Jeep Wrangler Radio Not Working?

There are various different electrical components inside a Jeep Wrangler car that can cause the issue of the radio failing to function properly. The most common reasons behind this problem that users might face are discussed thoroughly below with potential solutions. 

Blown Fuse

One of the most common reasons behind the radio on a Jeep Wrangler not working is a blown fuse. Fuse works to ensure that the radio unit does not get supplied with overwhelming electricity from the battery and the internal parts such as the circuits and the motherboard do not get damaged.

Fuses are vital components of any electrical equipment but they themselves can cause issues if they get blown. Fuses can get blown because of regular time and usage as well as electrical malfunctions. The fuse has gotten blown if there is absolutely no power being supplied to the radio unit.

Solution: Blown fuse cannot easily be repaired as the metal inside the fuse melts permanently and the fuses are not designed to be repaired. The only viable option is to replace the blown out fuse with a spare fuse. A spare fuse will cost you $10-$15. 

Locate the fuse box in your vehicle. On the JK Wranglers it is located under the hood along with the right-hand (passenger side in a left-hand drive vehicle, driver’s side on a right hand-drive vehicle) fender between the battery and the air filter. The location of the fuse box might vary from model to model and you should follow the instruction manual to locate the fuse box accordingly. 

Check the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to locate the blown fuse that is stopping the radio from working. Use a fuse puller to pull out the burned fuse. A fuse puller costs about $10-$20. Insert the new fuse by pushing it into the fuse box. Check the radio to make sure that it is functioning properly.  

Faulty Amplifier 

Faulty amplifiers can also be the reason behind the radio not working completely or malfunctioning by making weird sounds. Amplifiers increase the existing sound signals to improve the output sound coming from a speaker.

Car speakers use 20 volts of peak-to-peak voltage and reach 100 watts which is then configured by the amplifiers with a power supply that converts the car’s DC(Direct Current) to AC(alternating Current) to produce the necessary power to run the speaker.

Amplifier is a vital component of the car’s radio and overall sound system but when it gets damaged or worn out, it can cause the speaker to malfunction. The amplifier is faulty if the radio cannot play the full range of frequency, especially the low notes. 

Solution: Amplifiers are quite difficult to repair if they get badly damaged or worn out and the only viable solution is to replace the amplifier entirely. Amplifier is usually located under the steering wheel and covered by plastic and metal parts.

It looks like a small rectangular white box with wires attached to it. Locate this component and replace it to solve the issue. You can also install better amplifiers on your car as the amplifier that comes with it is usually low powered and cannot produce the finest quality of sound.   

Bad Wiring Connection

Bad wiring connections can render problems in the radio of a Jeep Wrangler. Wires transfer the power supplied by the battery to the radio, amplifier, speaker, and other electrical components. There are numerous wires in the car radio and faults in any one of them or several of them can cause malfunction of the entire radio. Faulty wiring connections include short circuits and disconnected wires. These problems arise with time and usage as the wires and the connections slowly wear down. 

Solution: Check for loose connection points and tighten them properly. Use a multimeter to check if all the wires and the connections are working as intended and replace the wires that are malfunctioning. You might need to take the car to a trusted workshop if you cannot find or replace the faulty wirings.

Malfunctioning Head Unit 

The entire head unit of the radio can malfunction if it gets worn out. This can happen with time and usage but it can also happen if water enters the system. Cracked or damaged head units can cause the radio to stop working altogether or it can cause it to make weird noises while it is turned on. 

Solution: Malfunctioning head unit can be repaired if the damages are not too severe. Try to dry the head unit by dismantling it from the car and then drying it. Take it to a trusted repair shop where you can get it checked thoroughly. You might need to replace the entire head unit if it gets beyond repair. 

Faulty Antenna

A damaged antenna or tuner can also cause the issue of the radio not working properly in a Jeep Wrangler. Radio antenna or tuner picks up the invisible and silent radio signals and transforms them into sound waves that we can listen to the broadcast. A faulty antenna is probably causing the issue if the sound system is working and you can play with aux cords but only the radio is malfunctioning. 

Solution: Replace the antenna with a spare part. Replacing the antenna is quite easy and you can replace the antenna by first removing the old antenna with a wrench and then screwing on the new one. 

causes of jeep wrangler radio not working

Should You Repair or Replace the Jeep Wrangler Radio That’s Not Working?

It depends on what component of the radio on your Jeep Wrangler is causing the issue and preventing the radio from properly working. The entire radio might need replacement if the head unit gets damaged beyond repair.

The connections can sometimes be loose and require some adjustment. On the other hand, you will need to replace old parts with spares if vital components like the fuse, the antenna, or the amplifier get damaged.

Is It Possible to Repair Jeep Wrangler Radio Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to repair a Jeep Wrangler’s radio by yourself if the parts are easy to replace. The fuse and the antenna are easy to replace by yourself but if the problem is in the radio head unit, the wirings running inside the car, or the amplifier, it is better to seek professional help from a trusted workshop near you. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Jeep Wrangler Radio?

The cost to repair the radio on a Jeep Wrangler depends on what component is causing the issue and needs replacement and the labor cost in the area where you are fixing the unit. The cost of spare parts of components that usually require replacements are given below. 

  • Fuse: $10-$15
  • Amplifier: $100-$250
  • Head unit: $400-$1000
  • Antenna: $25-$80

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