How to Make a Slim Jim Tool? The Complete Guide

Locking yourself out of your vehicle can be frustrating, can’t it? Imagine that you’ve been running
errands or even worse, it’s raining, and you need to get into your vehicle. You might dig around in your
bag or pickets for a bit before seeing that you left your keys on the seat or perhaps in the ignition.

It happens, we’re human, and we make mistakes. But there are ways that you can prepare for this
without having to go to extremes or call AAA to come out and pick the lock. That’s kind of an expensive option even if you happen to have the service, and breaking the window should only be used in case of an extreme emergency. The best way to prevent being locked out of your vehicle is to learn how to make a slim Jim tool.

Why Carry a Slim Jim?

Some people might be under the assumption that only car thieves and other lowlifes might carry a slim jim, right? Hopefully, there are more mindful individuals out there that can see the wisdom in carrying such a device, or learning how to make one. By learning how to make and carry around your own backup tool you can be one step ahead of your own clumsiness if and when it comes around.

There’s no need to worry that much about locking your keys in the vehicle if you have a tool on hand that can help Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside. Of course, it pays to remember to keep this on your person or somewhere that’s easy to access, rather than keeping it IN the vehicle. Perhaps you can place it in a bag, or in a location on your vehicle that will be advantageous should it ever be needed. But the main reason to carry a slim jim is to ensure that you can get into your own vehicle should you have the need.

What to Use as Your Slim Jim?

what to use as your slim jim

Your best bet, if you want a slim that is guaranteed to work, is to buy one from an auto parts store so that you know it’s been made with quality materials. The main point in the creation of your slim jim is that it’s going to be durable, but pliable enough to work as it needs to. Something that’s too stiff, or too fragile, won’t work since there’s a good chance that you’ll need to work the device around a bit to make it work. Making a slim jim isn’t exactly rocket science, but you do want it to work. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

1. Plastic banding

At first glance, you might wonder why this would be mentioned as a possible tool, but the durability and flexibility of plastic banding are capable of helping with a locking mechanism. It’s going to be necessary to reinforce the banding a bit, perhaps layering it a few times over, to get the desired effect. But the ability to slip into the crack between your door and weather stripping is possible with this material. 

2. Metal ruler/metal strip

Using a knife, cut a half-inch notch into one end of the ruler. This will be to disengage the locking mechanism when used properly. A metal strip such as a ruler or something similar is actually the preferred method in this instance since the material is pliant but not so fragile that it’s going to snap when one is working it into the door. It’s bound to take a few tries, but with enough practice, a person can pop their lock with ease on each try.

3. Rubber strips

Rubber strips are used for numerous tasks, and their overall durability is great enough that they should last for a while if this is the option you choose. You’ll want to select a strip with the necessary thickness and length and take care of how deeply you set your notch. But the balance between being too rigid and not too flexible can be reached rather easily with a strip of rubber.

Can You Use a Slim Jim on Modern Cars?

No! You can’t use Slim Jim on a modern car. Whether you use Slim Jim on modern cars depends on the type of locks the cars come with. Usually, the Slim Jim unlocking system of cars is suitable for old-day cars. 

This is because they come with a more traditional locking mechanism. Old-day cars come with traditional braking mechanisms that don’t come with power locks. 

But most modern cars nowadays come with either electric or power locking mechanisms. Now, with these locking systems, if the Slim Jim method is used, this can cause significant damage to the window and other locking systems inside your car. 

Besides, modern cars have safety features, such as internal plates and shields.  And so, there won’t be enough scope for people to go with a Slim Jim tool and unlock the car. This makes sense, right? 

You will hardly find any modern-day cars that come with traditional locking mechanisms. That’s the reason why it is important to avoid the Slim Jim method in order to unlock the door of modern cars. When it comes to unlocking modern cars, it is possible to use a wedge and poker, going through careful procedures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my car doesn’t have the right lock?

A lot of cars that have upright locks can be disengaged by a slim jim tool. However, man cars made in recent years might have a lot of wiring and circuitry that might hamper the tool. 

2. Do I need to use a wedge with the slim jim?

It does help to use a wedge since it grants added space to use the slim jim. Rubber wedges are often best since they won’t damage the door. 

3. Can I use a slim jim on all my doors? 

As long as every door has an upright lock you should be able to disengage the lock with a slim jim.


Learning how to make a slim jim tool is a smart move for anyone to be honest. But if you have a problem with locking your keys in your vehicle, well, that’s something you need to work on. But learning how to make your own slim jim is a good idea that can help with that issue.

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