How to Put a Jeep Liberty in 4 Wheel Drive [4 Effective Ways]

Jeep Liberty has an incredible body and looks. Notwithstanding, we know driving a Jeep
Liberty can be challenging, especially while driving the selectable 4 wheel gear.

Do you struggle with putting your Jeep Liberty in a 4-wheel drive? This article will tell you
the most effective way to put a Jeep Liberty Liberty in a 4 wheel drive.

What Is a 4-Wheel Drive?

Did you know? In the 2012 summary of the most affordable SUVs, Jeep Liberty was situated
at number 17. Jeep liberty is affordable, has an incredible 4-wheel drive, and has a 3.5
over 5 score reliability rating.

Four-wheel drives are vehicles that have four wheels controlled at the same time by a single
source. This simultaneous supply of energy serves to enhance car motion.

Why the Four Wheel Drive Rocks?

The Jeep Liberty is built as an SUV, and this design allows it to be used on multiple
ground textures.

Perhaps, you have only heard of the 4 wheel drive gear of Jeep Liberty vehicles but never
really understood its function. Here are a few reasons we think driving your Jeep liberty in
four-wheel-drive rocks:

  • The 4 wheel drive is manual. This means you are in charge.
  • The selectable wheel options make your Jeep Liberty a good vehicle for both on-roadand off-road journeys.
  • Irrespective of the surface, your car tires can move in any direction required with the 4 wheel drive.
  • The capacity of your car is boosted to steer on hills and sloppy areas.
  • The 4 wheel drive works for varying road surfaces, so you don’t have to worryabout your car tires losing grip on slippery roads.

The 4 Wheel gear of a Jeep Liberty

Did you notice that the wheel lever of your car has four modes? Neutral (N), Four-wheel
drive High (4H), Four-wheel drive Low (4L), and two-wheel drive(2WD). This type of four-
wheel system is called “Command-Trac”.

Two wheel drive is typical for driving on normal roads. Unlike the 4 wheel drive, which
powers both the front and rear tires simultaneously, the 2 wheel drive supplies energy to
either rear or front tires, as required by the road conditions. The Neutral mode creates a
break that enables you to drive your Jeep Liberty in free motion.

Included in some models is an Auto drive that allows your Jeep liberty to automatically
switch from Four-wheel drive to two wheel drive and vice versa based on the road being
driven on.

How to Put a Jeep Liberty in 4-Wheel Drive?

put a jeep liberty in 4-wheel drive

Do all Jeep Liberty drivers struggle with 4 wheel drive? Yes, most drivers do in the early
days of driving the car. After reading this article, you will be driving your Jeep Liberty like a
pro. Here are some steps for you to follow when putting a Jeep Liberty in a 4 wheel:

1. Locate Your 4 Wheel Operator Gear

Your Jeep Liberty is by default in the two-wheel high as you drive. You should locate the
operator gear, flip the transfer case, or pull the shift lever straight back to switch from 2WD
to the mode you prefer.

2. Slow and Steady Goes the Jeep

The initial shift is usually from 2WD to 4H. Starting from 4H, a low range is safer when you
shift from the 2WD to 4WD.

Of course, you can do this switch while your Jeep Liberty is in motion or stopped. Just pull
the lever as instructed in step 1 above.

3. Jeeps Should Not Stay Stuck in the Mud

To transfer your vehicle to 4L, pull your car to a stop, then shift the case or lever to N, after
which you can pull back to 4L. Your Jeep liberty must be moving within 2-3mph before
transferring to the 4L case.

4. Back to 2WD

Switching back to 2WD is a reverse of the steps above. Bring your lever to Neutral mode,
then go higher to 2WD and effect the change with gear. Some Jeep Liberty models
automatically transfer modes between 2WD and 4WD depending on the road surface.

Safety Tips for Driving a Jeep Liberty in 4 Wheel

  • Do not always put your Jeep Liberty in the four-wheel-drive mode, as it’s unnecessary.
  • Remove your automobile from four-wheel-drive mode when you are no longer on a difficult road.
  • Using your vehicle in four-wheel-drive mode once in a while is a way to ensure its workability.
  • Remember to put your Jeep Liberty in a 4 wheel drive only when required for the road conditions.
  • Adhere to the speed limits according to your car’s four-wheel mode.
  • In no way is the four-wheel-drive mode an alternative for car brakes. Use your brakes when you need to stop the vehicle.
  • Study your Jeep Liberty manual. Who knows a product better than the manufacturing company?

Can I Leave My Jeep Liberty In 4-Wheel Drive?

Yes, you can leave your Jeep Liberty in 4-wheel drive. However, it is important to make sure you don’t enable the 4WD system on random occasions. There are cases when it is important to use the 4-wheel drive, and they are; 

Driving on Slippery Road Condition

When too much rain and the surface becomes slippery, the 4-wheel drive should come in with the Jeep Liberty. This will allow the wheels to have better traction and cause the Jeep to move forward smoothly. This happens when the engine power is distributed to the wheel through the drivetrain. 

In addition, if there is too much ice on the road and the Jeep Liberty finds it hard to move forward due to the slippery surface, the 4-wheel drive should also be used here. This ensures smooth handling and avoids any expected accidents. 

Driving in Water

The 4-wheel drive in Jeep Liberty should come into play when driving in water. Due to excessive water on the road, sometimes, it becomes complicated to handle. With the help of the 4-wheel drive system, you can smoothly drive in the water because of impressive off-the-line traction. 

Beyond that, the 4-wheel drive system will help the Jeep Liberty to avoid hydroplaning when driving in the water. And by this, the system makes driving even more within reach. 

There are also some occasions when there is no need to use the 4-wheel drive on Jeep Liberty. But what can go wrong? Using 4-wheel drive in such cases can cause major damage to the SUVs, reduce fuel mileage, and more. 

Driving on Smooth and Flat Roads

You should only use the 4-wheel drive on Jeep Liberty when there is insufficient traction. Beyond this, taking advantage of the 4WD system is not required. Using the 4-wheel drive on a dry, smooth surface won’t add value to your driving experience. Instead, it brings some issues that can cause costly repairs. 

Driving at High Speed

The 4-wheel drive becomes good for nothing when driving at a high speed. The excuse is when the 4-wheel drive is enabled while driving at a higher speed, this can cause uneven wear and tear on the drivetrain of Jeep Liberty. 

Furthermore, when cornering at comparatively higher speed, the 4-wheel drive system can cause difficulty in handling. 

Therefore, the bottom line is you can leave your Jeep Liberty on a 4-wheel drive. But you should bear the appropriate situation when performing the task. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Do I Transfer From 2-Wheel High to 4H?

When the road gets bumpy, switch to 4H. Transfer your Jeep Liberty to 4H when you require
speed or driving on difficult steeped roads with bumps.

2. What Is the Fastest I Can Go Driving on 4H?

Though 4H offers speed, you should not drive your Jeep Liberty faster than 55mph when in
this model.

3. When Do I Engage 4L on My Jeep Liberty?

We can Imagine you driving your Jeep Liberty and getting stuck in the mud, rolling your eyes
” What now?” “What about sticky road surfaces?”

Make the switch to 4L when you find yourself driving on road surfaces such as this that
require more vehicle control.

4. Should My Jeep Liberty Remain on 4WD?

No! Once on a good road, do not leave your car on 4WD. Make the switch back to 2WD as
instructed above and continue your journey.

5. Why Should I Switch Back From 2WD to 4WD?

As stated above, 2WD is the default wheel mode for normal roads. Unless you are driving on
roads with snow, ice, mud, sand, or any other difficult terrain, using the 4WD for your car is


There you have it; all you need to know on how to put your Jeep Liberty on a 4 wheel and
drive it like a pro in clear writing.

You know what they say; Life’s a bumpy ride. We like to say, putting your Jeep Liberty on a
4 wheel drive can help you navigate the bumps better. It’s time to put your Jeep Liberty in
a 4 wheel drive and have fun steering down the bumpy and sticky roads of life (or your

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