How to Reset Oil Life 2016 Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee dashboard consists of various warning lights such as the Change Oil light which indicates that the vehicle requires fresh engine oil to function properly. Owners have to reset this light after changing the oil or it will keep flashing.

Resetting the Change Oil sign also resets the counter that keeps track of the oil life and it then starts counting again to remind the driver to change oil the next time. Resetting oil life is important to keep the counter and the sensors working accurately.

There are two methods of resetting the oil life of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee. One of the methods utilizes the ignition key and accelerator pedal and the other method uses the Enter-N-Go system to reset oil life.

What Is the Oil Life Monitor on a Jeep Cherokee?

The oil life monitoring system consists of sensors, wires, and the ECM. The sensors keep track of various data such as distance, time, engine temperature, driving duration, engine revolution, and so on. These data are then transferred to the ECM or the main computer in your Jeep Cherokee which analyzes thoroughly.

ECM then shows the data on the dashboard as a percentage which denotes the state of the engine oil in the car. 100 percent is the highest meaning engine oil is sufficient and in good quality and 0 percent is the lowest meaning engine oil needs to be changed.

Change engine oil light flashes on the dashboard when the oil life monitor detects that the vehicle requires an oil change. Most of the time the light flashes before an oil change is necessary to give the drivers early notice to change oil. 

When to Reset Oil Life on 2016 Jeep Cherokee?

According to Jeep’s recommendation, you should change the oil in your car after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles of driving if you are driving with conventional fuel. People who use synthetic oil in their Jeep should change the oil after every 7,5000 to 10,000 miles of driving.

The oil change light indicates that you need to change the oil in your Jeep Cherokee car but this does not require immediate attention. You can drive your car ignoring the light for some time but you should change the oil as soon as you can to avoid causing severe damage to the engine of the car.

How to Reset the Oil Life of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee? 2 Methods

There are two methods of resetting the oil life of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee. These are discussed below.

Keyless Enter-N-Go System

Here are the steps to reset the oil life using the Keyless Enter-N-Go system.

Step 1: Sit down in the driver’s seat. Press and hold the START button long enough for it to highlight the RUN/ON display but do not start the engine.

Step 2: Use the DOWN arrow on the steering wheel to scroll through the menu in the vehicle information center until it comes to Vehicle Info.

Step 3: Croll right to get to the Oil Life screen.

Step 4: Hold down the OK button to reset.

Step 5: The display will read 100% when reset is complete.

Step 6: Exit out of the Vehicle Info System.

Now the oil life of your Jeep Cherokee has been reset.

Manual Method

You can also reset the oil life of your 2016 Jeep Cherokee without the Keyless Enter-N-Go system. The steps are given below.

Step 1: Seat on the driver’s seat.

Step 2: Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the RUN/ON position. Do not turn the key the whole way to avoid turning on the engine. 

Step 3: Pump the gas pedal three times in about 10 seconds with the key in the RUN position.

This will reset the counter and the oil change light will go out.

What Happens if You Do Not Reset the Oil Life Monitor?

Not resetting the oil life monitor will cause the Change Engine light to stay on and give wrong readings about the car’s engine oil level. Engine oil is tracked by sensors which send the data to the ECM where it gets processed by complex algorithms. The oil light will not show the correct signal if you do not reset the oil life monitor in time. This can result in changing the oil before necessary or long after the change is overdue.

Does Oil Life Automatically Reset on Jeep Cherokee?

No, the oil life counter will not reset by itself even after changing the oil and you will have to manually reset it by yourself.

Will Resetting Oil Life Affect My Warranty?

No, resetting the oil life will not affect your warranty. An oil change is part of the regular care and maintenance of the car. Doing so is recommended by the manufacturer, so changing the oil and resetting the oil life afterward will not affect your warranty.

What are the Benefits of Resetting the Oil Life on Jeep Cherokee?

Resetting the oil life helps the oil life monitor to keep track of the oil condition in a much better way which helps to maintain quality service of the car. 

Ensures Engine Health

Resetting oil life helps the sensors keep track of the oil level in the vehicle. This alerts the user about the oil condition and level which helps them to change the oil as necessary. This ensures that the engine gets lubricated properly and increases longevity.

Gives the Correct Reading

Resetting the oil life counter helps the monitor keep track of the oil level in a more efficient manner. This provides accurate readings which is crucial for the ECM to make decisions.  

Protects Environment

Resetting oil levels after an oil change ensures that the oil level monitor functions properly. The oil level monitor sends data to the ECM which controls important factors like the exhaust gases. Accurate readings help the ECM to make responsible decisions that lessen pollution.

Benefits of Resetting the Oil Life on Jeep Cherokee

How can you Maintain Your Jeep Cherokee’s Oil Life Better?

Although oil life will go down slowly over time and usage, it can be maintained better by following some simple guidelines.

Use Quality Engine Oil

Engine oil plays a vital role in keeping the internal components of an engine lubricated and protected from dust and rust. Using quality engine oil not only improves the overall performance of your vehicle but also increases the oil life of the engine.

Use 5W-20 synthetic or 10W-30 synthetic oil in your Jeep Cherokee for the best result. You can also use 0W-20 synthetic oil and 5W-30 synthetic oil as well. Make sure that they are from trusted brands.

Do Not Ignore Warning Lights

The warning light that flashes on the dashboard when the oil level is low or the engine oil has gotten too dirty is usually triggered earlier than an oil change is necessary but owners should wait for too long before changing oil. Waiting for too long can end up resulting in damage to the vehicle.

Notice Issues Early

Regularly check the dipstick to make sure that the engine oil inside the vehicle is in good condition. Check engine oil levels regularly to ensure that all the internal parts of the vehicle are well-lubricated and protected from dust and dirt.

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