How to Store Jeep Doors? The Complete Guide

Jeep Wrangler offers to remove the doors, removing a few pins. That’s why the door of the jeep wrangler came out so easily. So for any mountain travel or anywhere you want to have some fresh air, just remove the door. However, there is still something that will bother you until attaching the door back. Where to store the detached doors, and how to store jeep doors?

The most effective solution is using door storage for the jeep wrangler. So no need to waste your time wondering about storing the jeep doors. Because now, you can have a jeep door rack or jeep wrangler door hangers for effectively and securely storing the doors. And for your information, these jeep door storage racks are secure because leaving your door on them for months never makes any scratches on the doors.  

So here we would like to let you know about the storing process and where to store the doors will ensure the best possible security and safety. Stay tuned here. 

How to Store Jeep Doors Safely?

store jeep doors safely

Here we would talk about everything, including how tools and things you need to remove the pins of the door, safety issues, and the exact process of removing the door from the jeep. Then how to store in the jeep door holder diy.  

You may drop the door on your legs and get injured for a lifetime. So forget about trying to remove the door without knowing the rules and proper equipment. 

1. Uninstalling the Door from Jeep Wrangler 

The process starts with uninstalling the jeep doors. Look, though we already know jeep wrangler has an easy way to detach the doors, still, if you don’t do the process exactly, somehow it may turn out a life hunter for your door’s lifetime. 

You may drop the door on your legs and get injured for a lifetime. So forget about trying to remove the door without knowing the rules and proper equipment. The proper tools help you keep the balance of the doors. 

2. Planning for the Suitable Storage Option

You can have some storage options for jeep doors, but you must select the one you prefer, and it is easy for you. Different storage plans are for different rooms in your storing place and for different budgets. Let us discuss the well-known ones. 

Tuck In

This is the easiest, and probably you won’t need any money for storing. Lay down a blanket on the floor and then keep the detached door leaning against the wall and standing on the blanket. But never forget to find a dry place; otherwise, your blanket will absorb water, and ultimately the door will rust in no time. 

This method is easy, and there is no need for money, so you can think it is the best option. But take your time, buddy! You can keep jeep doors in your garage, but if you don’t have any garage? Then what’s your option? Do you feel safekeeping the doors with your family and kids? 

Hanging the Door

Sounds a little weird when we hear about hanging a dorr on the wall. Hanging means mounted on the wall. Wall mounting is tough, but in terms of safety, it seems fine. Hanging the doors on a wall secures them from kids’ touch, and pets can’t touch the door. But it requires more space and if you keep the doors hanging on the wall inside your house, you must make sure you keep them on a wall beside which your family members rarely walk. 

3. Using Jeep Door Storage Cart

Using a jeep wrangler door cart is the best option in terms of safety. Because it allows you to put the doors on the cart as soon as you unscrew them and then push the cart wherever you want, so it means this method is very portable. 

The jeep door cart allows us to remove the door whenever you want because you don’t need any helping hand to help you put the doors in a safe place. This kind of storage car is designed so that there is no chance of scratching, flipping, etc. 

Also, the jeep door storage carts are mostly robust in design, so you don’t need to think about it. They can’t hold the weight of the jeep’s doors. 

4. Storing in Jeep door holder

Door hangers are almost like door holders. But Most of the time, jeep door holders don’t provide portability, and you have to take the doors where you kept the door holders. Jeep wrangler door holders come with a secure safety system for the doors. The jeep holders offer hinge mounts with a bruising insert that prevents wearing the hinge pins. 

Also, making a door holder is not a huge task. Because there is no need to use any advanced technologies. DIY jeep door holder is getting popular lately. 

5. Finding the Best Location

No matter what you have for storing the doors like jeep door caddy, jeep jk door hangers, or DIY jeep door hangers, the issue is where to keep the doors? It’s a huge decision to take. You must take it wisely. If you have a garage, and no one uses the garage but you, then you can keep the doors inside the garage using any method we discussed. 

But if you have no garage and no space to keep the door cart, then find a space inside your house where people rarely, like a storeroom, or keep it somewhere far from kid’s and pet’s reach. That’s why we always suggest having a jeep gladiator door storage because changing the cart’s position is easy. 

6. Covering the Doors

 Using the protective cover while storing the jeep doors is a must. You will never know what came in the garage or your house made a scratch on the doors. So, to keep the doors secure from abrasive and harmful substances, a cover is a must.

The other layer of the cover protects the door’s color from UV rays from the sun if you keep the door outside, and the soft inner material allows no starch. Leaving the doors without cover makes the doors full of dust, and if you don’t clean them properly, the dust will go inside your car too when the doors are attached.

Do All Jeeps Have Removable Doors?

No, all Jeeps don’t come with removable doors. Instead, there are specific models of Jeeps that have removable door features. The Jeep Wrangler (TJ) was the first Jeep with removable doors. But over the years, Jeep has introduced these exciting features in a good number of SUVs. 

Along with the Jeep Wrangler (TJ), all models of the Jeep Gladiators and Wrangler United have the features of door removal. Unfortunately, you won’t find the door removal features for improved versatility besides these Jeeps. 

Can You Put Jeep Doors in the Back?

Yes, it is possible to put Jeep doors in the back. However, this won’t be a convenient option. It is essential to fold the rear seat of the Jeep in order to store the doors in the backspace of the Jeep. 

Without folding the rear seats down, you won’t find the space it requires to keep the doors. Moreover, the doors will be unmanageable.

We have come in touch with a good number of Jeep owners who tried putting the removable doors in the back of the vehicle but found it inconvenient. Therefore, it is always better to put the Jeep doors separately. 

It is possible to keep the doors in the garage, at home, in the basement, or in other places using the hangers. But sometimes, you may need to carry the doors while you drive. In this case, it is always best to put the doors on the back using a door storage carrier. 

Check this video on installing a Jeep door storage carrier on your Jeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you Store Jeep doors in Jeep?

 Yeah, you can store jeep doors inside the jeep. You must do it on the back of the jeep or on the rooftop of the jeep using proper mountings. But we suggest not to store jeeps like this. The doors may have unfortunate scratches anyhow.  

2. How do I store my Jeep doors without the garage?

If you don’t have a garage, then keeping the doors inside your house is the best option. Even if you have no space to keep them inside the house, we suggest you have a jeep wrangler door hanger and keep them under your house shed or in any comfortable place and dry place. 


Though storing a jeep’s door sounds like fun, it’s not always fun when you come back from your ride and find out your door somehow got damaged. So try to have the best possible carts or hangers for jeep doors and have a tensionless ride.

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