Jeep Cherokee Under Hood Fuse Box Diagram (1984-1996)

A fuse diagram is an illustration that marks all the important parts of the electrical circuit of the fuse box. This diagram is helpful in the case of identifying malfunctions due to blown or faulty fuses. Owners of Jeep Cherokee models built from 1984-1996 can use this diagram to easily troubleshoot and repair electrical issues in their cars.

The diagram marks all the fuses and relays in the car along with a table that details their function. This makes troubleshooting easy as Jeep Cherokee owners can identify the fuses that are causing the exact electrical problem in their car and take action accordingly.

How to Identify the Fuse Box Location?

There are two fuse boxes in a Jeep Cherokee. One is located under the hood and the other is located underneath the compartment. Fuse boxes are relatively easy to find as they will stand out with all of the colorful fuses arranged on the box. Check the owner’s manual if you have trouble locating the fuse box.

Jeep Cherokee (1984-1996) Fuse Box Diagram

The fuse box diagram consists of two parts. The first part shows the picture where the fuses and the relays are marked with numbers and the second part consists of a table that shows the names of those numbered fuses and their function.

Compartment Fuse Box

Here is a simplified picture of the fuse box under the compartment:

Compartment Fuse Box

The table given below details all the fuses marked on the diagram.

No.ACircuit Protected
125Rear Window Wiper, Washer
215Radio, Cigar Lighter, Dome Lamp (from 1993)
310Clock, Security Alarm (Ign)from 1993: Not Used
415Flash to Pass
525Blower Motor
630Power Windows
72Antilock Brakes (ABS)
820Turn Signal Flasher
910Dome Light, Courtesy Lights, Glove Box Light, Cargo Light, Radio Memory, Power Mirrors, Teltak Connector
10Not Used
1125Headlamp Delay Module, Horns, Security Alarm
1215Hazard Warning System, Stoplightsfrom 1993: Not Used
1320from 1993: Power Door Locks
7,5from 1988: Transmission Control Unit
1410Not Usedfrom 1993: ETR Radio, Power Antenna
1515from 1993: Instrument Panel Lamps, Clock, Radio/Clock & Memory, Headlamp Switch, Parking Lamps
10Parking Lights, Headlight Warning Chime/Buzzer, Instrument Panel Light Dimmer
1630Power Seats, Trailer Tow, Power Door Locks
177,5Instrument Cluster Guages, Headlamp Delay Module, Chime Module, Overhead Console, Seat Belt Warning
1825Heated Rear Window
195Instrument Panel Lamps, Radio Illumination
205,5Windshield Wiper/Windshield Washer

Other than the fusebox, there is also a power relay box which is a part of the electrical circuit. The relay box is shown below.

relay box

The table listing all the functions of the relay box is given below.

1Illuminated Entry Relay (1993-94);Not Used (1995)
2Horn Relay (1993-94)Dual Flasher Relay (1995)
3Rear Window Defogger Relay
4Not Used
5Not Used (1993-94)Horn Relay (1995)
6Not Used
7Not Used
8Radio Illumination Relay
9Power Door Lock (Unlock) Relay
10Power Door Lock (Lock) Relay

Under the Hood Fuse Box

Here is an illustration of the fuse box which is located under the hood and beside the engine.

Under the Hood Fuse Box

The table below details all of the functions of these fuses.

No.ACircuit Protected
160Generator Output
230Engine Control (ECU) – Fuel Pump, Injectors, Ignition Coil, Oxygen Sensors, Generator Field, Engine Controller Automatic Transmission Controller (ATCU)
340Fuse Block
420Hazard Lamps
540Headlamp Switch
65060Ignition Switch – Engine Controller, Fuel Pump Relay, Automatic Shutdown Relay Coil
740Heated Rear Window, Starter Solenoid
840ABS Pump Motor
960Generator Output
1030ABS System
1115Ignition Switch – Back-up Lamps, A/C Relay Coil, Shift Selector, Speed Control, Aux. Cooling Fan Relay Coil
1210Automatic Transmission
1315Auxilliary Lamps – Fog Lamps, Underhood Lamps
1420Engine Controller
1520Aux. Cooling Fan
161020Ignition Off Draw, Radio/Clock Memory, Ignition Off Draw, Dome Courtesy (1994-95)

The table for the power relays in the fuse box is given below.

AAux. Cooling Fan Relay
BFuel Pump Relay
CABS Pump Relay
DAir Conditioning Relay
EAuto Shutdown Relay
FStarter Relay
GABS System Relay

How to Understand the Fuse Box Diagram?

The fuse diagram is a helpful tool for diagnosing the problems in your car, especially electrical problems. The fuse diagram marks the fuses with numbers and the table gives details about those numbered fuses.

When an electrical problem occurs in the car such as the fuel pump not functioning properly, you can find the fuel pump fuse relay from the table and the diagram and change that fuse.

This makes troubleshooting electrical problems and solving them easier for the owners of Jeep Cherokee. Fuses are inserted into the electrical circuits to protect the components from getting damaged due to accidental voltage or power surges.

How Often Should I Check My Fuse Box?

You do not need to check the fuse box unless there are electrical problems. Fuses either work properly or get melted down and break the circuit, there are no in-between. You should only check the fuse box when a particular electrical component stops working. 

Can I Use Any Replacement Fuses and Relays?

No, you cannot use any replacement fuses and relays for the blown-out fuses and relays in your car. The replacement fuses and relays have to match their Amps with the fuses and relays you will be replacing. Use the diagram and the table to find out the features of the fuse or relay you are trying to replace and match accordingly.

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