Fixing Jeep Cherokee Oil Leaks: A Step-by-Step Guide

The oil of the Jeep Grand Cherokee can leak from various sources. It can be from the drain plug, engine oil pan, oil filter, or any seals and gaskets. 

The oil leaks from the drain plug when it is not tightened properly after changing the oil or the thread of the drain plug is damaged for over-tightening. Also, the oil of the Jeep Grand Cherokee can leak from the oil pan, which stores oil for the engine. It can get cracked when driving at off-roads or impacted by something hard and solid objects, such as stones, rocks, etc. 

An oil filter can be responsible for leaking oil from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The oil usually leaks from it when it is dirty or faulty and cannot let oil pass through it. Moreover, the oil can leak from the seal or gasket on the engine, which can deteriorate over time, and can no longer seal them tightly. 

What Symptoms of Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Leak?

The symptoms indicating that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has oil leaking problems are given below. 

Engine Overheat: The engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will overheat most of the time while driving. It happens when there is low oil in the vehicle due to leaking and the engine components will have more friction between them. 

Puddle of Oil Under the Vehicle: A puddle of oil will leak under the vehicle when oil leaks from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is noticeable when the vehicle is parked for some time and the oil is dripping from it. Also, a burning smell will come out of the vehicle while driving. 

Low-Pressure Warning Light: A Low-pressure warning light will pop up on the Jeep Grand Cherokee dashboard and the engine dipstick will show low oil when there is an oil leak. Also, after putting oil in the vehicle, signals will show up again some days later depending on the flow of oil leaking. 

Decreased engine mileage: The engine mileage of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be decreased or reduced when the oil leaks. It occurs when the engine gets overheated, the components will have more friction between them and the engine will consume more fuel causing less fuel efficiency of the engine.

symptoms of jeep grand cherokee oil leak

What Causes of Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Leak? (Fixed)

There are some potential causes that your Jeep Grand Cherokee is leaking oil from the damaged oil drain plug, cracked engine oil reservoir, faulty oil filter, and leaked seal and gasket. 

1. Damaged Oil Drain Plug Thread

The oil drain plug seals the opening of the engine oil reservoir. Jeep Grand Cherokee oil can leak from the drain plug when the threads are damaged for over-tightening or if it was not tightened enough after changing the engine oil. 

Solution to Oil Drain Plug Thread:

You have to change the oil drain plug when the threads are damaged. You can follow the process below. 

  • Keep something underneath the drain plug to store the engine oil if it is in good condition or if not, then change the engine oil. 
  • Remove the old drain plug with a wrench and let the engine oil come out completely. 
  • After draining the engine oil, place the new drain plug with a washer and tighten it according to the correct measurement. 
  • Pour engine oil into the reservoir and inspect if the oil is leaking from it or not. 

If the drain plug threads are not damaged, then the plug is not tightened enough. Simply tighten the drain plug according to its measurement but make sure not to tighten it enough, or else the thread can damage. 

The price of a drain plug for Jeep Grand Cherokee comes within $3-$10 and it is available in most of the mechanic shops and e-commerce sites. Make sure to check the part number before buying.

2. Cracked Engine Oil Reservoir

Engine oil reservoir plays an essential role in storing engine oil from where the engine takes oil to run its components. There is a possibility of getting cracks on the reservoir when the Jeep Grand Cherokee is driven mostly off-roads where there is a chance of hitting hard with stones or any hard objects. If the engine oil reservoir is cracked, the oil will leak from the cracks of the reservoir and lead to damage to the engine if unnoticed. 

Solution to Cracked Engine Oil Reservoir:

In the case of a cracked engine oil reservoir, DIY repairs are not going to help much. It can lead to completely changing the reservoir or sealing the cracks for temporary use which is complex and time-consuming. It is better to take the vehicle to any certified service center and they would address the issue and find the appropriate solution for it. 

3. Faulty Oil Filter

An oil filter is responsible for filtering out the contaminants that come with the engine oil. It can be faulty when it reaches its operational life and is used for a long time. When it is faulty, the oil will leak from the filter of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Solution to Damaged Oil Filter:

Replacing the oil filter is necessary when it is faulty. Make sure the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is cool before changing the engine oil filter. You can follow the steps below to replace the oil filter.

  • Remove the cover of the engine with a wrench by removing the bolt which is located under the engine name labeled. 
  • After removing the cover, loosen the filter cap with a socket wrench gently as it is made of plastic. Extreme pressure can break the plastic cover. 
  • Pull out the filter cap, and remove the dirty old filter and the O-ring seal from it.
  • Place the O-ring seal properly on the cap and lubricate it with some oil.
  • Insert the new filter into the cap and place the cap back into the hole of the reservoir from where it is removed.
  • Tighten the filter cap gently with a socket wrench by rotating clockwise and start the engine to check for any oil leaks from it. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee oil filter comes within a price range of $10-$25. Check for the appropriate filter for the engine by following the owner’s manual before buying it. 

4. Leaked Seal and Gasket

The seal and gasket ensure a tight seal between the engine parts to prevent oil from leaking. They are located in the various places of the engine including the valve cover, engine cover reservoir, crankshaft, etc. Over time, they can deteriorate due to the heat pressure of the engine causing the oil to leak from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Solution to Leaked Seal and Gasket

You can tighten the bolts or screws that are related to the seal and gasket. If the problem still persists, you have to call for a mechanic to sort out the issue. The mechanic would identify the specific problem and would take appropriate measures.

The task is complicated and needs advanced machines and tools to go through the process. The solution may include replacing the seal and gasket or repairing or replacing any damaged components. 

Causes of Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Leak

When Need to Seek a Professional?

When your Jeep Grand Cherokee oil is leaking from the seal and the gasket, you should seek professional help because the work is very sophisticated and only a professional can do a better job on this. The leak can be from the crankshaft or may be from the transmission which you may need to remove the engine to seal again. 

On the other hand, you should also seek professional help when the oil of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is leaking from a cracked engine reservoir. Replacing the engine reservoir may require removing lots of components from the engine and only a professional can handle the situation well. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Oil Leak on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The cost of fixing an oil leak on the Jeep Grand Cherokee will actually depend on the issue of an oil leak and how you are going to repair it. DIY repairs will definitely be more cost-effective than professional mechanics because it doesn’t include the labor or service cost. 

When there is an oil leak on the Jeep Grand Cherokee due to a drain plug, DIY repairs would only cost around $3-$10 whereas a professional mechanic would charge around $70-$100. Moreover, if the oil leak on the Jeep Grand Cherokee is due to a cracked engine reservoir, DIY repairs would cost around $100-$300 but a professional mechanic would cost around $400-$500. 

Additionally, when the Jeep Grand Cherokee oil leaks for the oil filter, DIY repairs would have an estimated cost of around $10-$2 and $50-$120 for the seal and gasket, and a professional mechanic would demand $80-$100 for oil filter and $400-$500 for the seal and gasket. 

Are Oil Leak Repairs Covered by Warranty?

Yes, oil leak repairs are covered by a powertrain warranty which is for five years or 60,000 miles, according to the Jeep’s official website. To claim a warranty, you can log in or search by the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle on Jeep’s official website. The warranty will be void if any kind of modification and tempering is done to the vehicle or not maintained properly.

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