Why My Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Start?

The possible reason that the Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start is that the battery is worn out. The battery provides power to the components of the engine, and these components need a sufficient amount of power to run. Also, an alternator that charges the battery can be faulty, and having less power in the battery can lead to the Jeep Grand Cherokee not starting. 

Another possible reason the Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start is when the starter motor is not working, and it can happen when it reaches its operational life. Moreover, the fuel pump motor can be damaged which does not provide enough fuel for the engine to start. 

On another note, minor things like a dirty spark plug and the dysfunctional keyless remote of the Jeep Grand Cherokee can be problematic for starting the engine. 

What Causes Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Start? (Solution)

The most likely causes when the Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start are due to a bad battery, the alternator becoming faulty, the starter motor not functioning, the spark plug being dirty, the fuel pump being damaged, and the keyless remote not working. 

1. Bad Battery

The battery provides electricity to the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s entire power units. The battery can be worn out for using a long time. When it is low, low battery indicator will appear on the screen and no light or indicator will show up when there is no power at all. 

As it goes bad, it no longer can provide power to the starter and you can only hear a sound of a click but the vehicle won’t start as there is not enough power to do that. 

Solution To Bad Battery

The battery needs to be changed to solve the problem. The passenger seat needs to be removed to change the battery of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You have to pull out the cover of the battery and unscrew the positive and negative connectors. After that, place the new battery, and screw the positive and negative connectors into the battery. Check to see the vehicle has the powers or not, and if it has powers then start the engine and if it has not, then there is a problem with other components of the vehicle. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee battery comes with a price range of $100-$300 depending on the quality and the brand. Brands such as Duralast and Valucraft are making high-quality batteries for Jeep Grand Cherokee and they are available on different e-commerce sites and shops. 

2. Faulty Alternator

The alternator produces electricity and the battery stores it. When the alternator of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is faulty, it will not charge the battery enough causing the engine not to start. 

In case changing the battery won’t help much. No matter how many times you change the battery, the battery will drain after some time as it is not charging. 

Solution To Faulty Alternator

A faulty alternator cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced with a new alternator. To replace it, you must remove the engine cover, engine air filter hose and the air filter box. Then, lift the vehicle with a jack and detach the undercover engine guard.

After that, separate the belt from the alternator and unmount the screws that are attached to it. Place the new alternator in the housing and attach all the things that are detached to remove the old alternator. 

The price of an alternator of a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be between $150-$500 based on model year. It is available at the authorized service center or e-commerce website. Duralast and TotalPro brands are producing good quality alternators. 

3. Malfunctioning Starter Motor

The starter is a small electrical motor that helps to turn on the crankshaft of the Jeep Grand Cherokee engine. When it malfunctions, it cannot provide support to the engine for starting up and it happens mainly when the starter motor is not getting electricity from the battery or the starter reached its operational life. 

Solution To Malfunctioning Starter Motor

You have to check the battery if it has power or not, and if the problem is not because of the battery, then the starter motor needs to be changed, or there might be a problem with the connection. 

Check for the yellow wire that is attached to the starter motor which provides electric power. Disconnect it and reconnect it again to the starter motor to check if the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is starting or not. If the problem still persists, the starter motor needs to be changed. 

However, replacing the starter motor on your own can be complicated. You should seek help from a professional who can diagnose it promptly. 

The price range of a new starter motor can be between $150-$300, and available widely in the market.

4. Dirty Spark Plug 

The spark plugs ignite the compressed air-fuel mixture into the cylinder of the Jeep Grand Cherokee engine. When it gets dirty, the engine will misfire and stop, or the engine will not start completely. 

Solution To Dirty Spark Plug

You have to clean the dirty spark plugs, and to do this, you have to open the head gasket of the engine and remove the spark plugs from the ignition coil. Then,  check for any corrosion or wear damage and clean it with a brush or a soft cloth. After that, place them again into the ignition coil and seal the head gasket of the engine. 

5. Damage Fuel Pump

The fuel pump of the Jeep Grand Cherokee supplies fuel with ample pressure for the engine to run. When it is damaged, it cannot pass the fuel to the ignition system of the engine and it will only click but won’t start. Also, the engine will halt while running, and the performance of the engine will drop. 

Solution To Damage Fuel Pump

Check the relay of the fuel pump which is located beside the fuse box. You have to change the fuel pump relay if it is not working and if it doesn’t work out, you have to replace the fuel pump. 

To replace the fuel pump, remove the rear seat and the carpet of your Grand Cherokee and disconnect all the connections of the fuel pump but before opening the fuel pump, take extra precautions as gasoline is flammable. Then, lift the fuel pump and replace it with a new one and use a new O-ring seal to complete the process. 

Sometimes, the fuel in the tank can be dirty. In that case, you have to remove the tank from under the vehicle but to remove it, you need advanced tools and machinery and for this, you have to get help from a professional. 

The relay of the fuel pump may cost around $10-$20, and the fuel pump comes within a price range of $100-$400, subject to specific models of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

6. Dysfunctional Keyless Remote

The keyless remote helps to lock/unlock the doors of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and lets a user start the vehicle just by pressing a button without a key. Newer models of Jeep Grand Cherokee come with a keyless remote. When the keyless remote is dysfunctional, the Jeep Grand Cherokee dashboard screen will show no signal of the remote, and the system won’t let the vehicle start for security purposes. 

Mainly, the keyless remote becomes dysfunctional when the battery in the remote is drained completely or it becomes damaged by falling on the ground or water. 

However, you do not have to face this issue if you have an older model of Jeep Grand Cherokee because it doesn’t come with a keyless remote; rather, it comes with a key. 

Solution To Dysfunctional Keyless Remote

You have to replace the battery of the keyless remote. In order to do that, open the backside cover of the remote and replace the old CR2032 battery with a new one. In case the remote is damaged, place the remote on the start/stop button and maintain contact for 5 seconds to turn on the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yet, the engine doesn’t turn on; you have to replace the keyless remote. 

To replace the keyless remote, contact any certified service center for Jeep Grand Cherokee and make sure the remote is compatible with your vehicle. The price range of a keyless remote comes between $50-$200. 

causes of jeep grand cherokee won’t start

Why Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Start but Has Power?

When there is power in the Jeep Grand Cherokee but it’s not starting, that means there is a possibility of low power voltage in the battery. In this case, the dashboard screen will light up dimly after turning on the ignition key but it is not going to start when you crack. 

Another possibility that the Jeep Grand has power but won’t start is due to faults in other engine components, such as the starter motor, spark plug, key fob, etc. When the starter motor is faulty, the starter will not rotate the crankshaft of the engine and the engine won’t start even though the starter is receiving power from the battery.

Also, dirty spark plugs and drained key fob batteries play a crucial role in the Jeep Grand Cherokee not starting despite having the power. A dirty spark plug will not ignite the cylinder, causing the vehicle to misfire while starting, and a drained battery key fob will not provide a signal to the vehicle, especially models that come with a key fob. 

How to Prevent Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Start Problems?

Here are some precautions that you can take to prevent the Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start problems. 

  • Always keep an eye on the fuel indicator of your vehicle, and make sure not to empty the fuel tank. 
  • Use high-quality fuel, ensure the spark plug is cleaned, and change it when necessary. 
  • Check on any signals on the dashboard screen, such as engine check signals and low fuel indicator signals, hence helping you to diagnose the problem before it creates a problem. 
  • Clean or change the battery connectors when they are corroded, and screw them tightly after changing the battery. 
  • Do not run your GPS(Global Positioning System), radio, and other electronic components in a battery; these devices drain the battery fast. 
  • Turn off the headlight before leaving the vehicle and close the door properly, or else, the lights will consume battery overnight. 
  • Especially in winter, do not park your vehicle outside because when the battery becomes cold, it loses its strength due to the chemical reaction, and if it happens, charge it fully.
  • Maintain the vehicle regularly and replace the components, such as the alternator, fuel pump, and starter motor, immediately if there is an issue with any of these. 
  • Service your vehicle from the authorized service center by maintaining the manufacturer’s protocol. 
how to prevent jeep grand cherokee won’t start problems

When Should You Consult a Professional Mechanic?

You should consult a professional mechanic when you are having trouble with your Jeep Grand Cherokee starter motor, alternator, or fuel pump because these works are very complex, and you have to go through a lot of processes to sort out the issues. A professional would identify the specific problem of your Jeep Grand Cherokee not starting and break down the cost of repairing the vehicle. 

On the other hand, DIY repairs are possible when the Jeep Grand Cherokee is not starting due to battery, keyless remote, and spark plugs. These works are not complicated and can be fixed if someone has DIY tools and knowledge.  

However, keep in mind that the overall charge of repairing the vehicle can be expensive when hiring a professional, which can include additional labor costs along with the parts.

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