Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise When Accelerating

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very popular SUV with impressive off-road capability. Although owners seldom have any major complaints regarding the car, one of the most common is the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s humming noise when accelerating. This humming noise can be annoying, but it can also be dangerous for your vehicle.

The most probable causes of Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise when accelerating are worn-out bearings, uneven wear of the tires, and, in rare cases, a failing transmission. An exhaust system leak and a loose steering belt can also cause humming.

While some of the issues mentioned above might require major repairs, in the majority of the cases, the humming noise can be dealt with rather easily. We discuss some of the most common causes that lead to your Jeep Grand Cherokee making a humming noise when accelerating and how to fix this problem.

Problems with wheel bearings

Wheel bearings are essential components of the wheels of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Any defect in these components can result in a humming noise, especially at higher speeds when accelerating on a highway. The noise usually originates from the direction of the defective wheel and can be identified rather easily.

jeep grand cherokee problems with wheel bearings

Another worn-out or defective bearing symptom is a ‘knocking sound’ that you might hear when cornering. You might also experience that your vehicle is vibrating when you accelerate at higher speeds if there is an issue with these components. The faster your speed is, the more this humming noise you will hear.

Why do the bearings of your Jeep Grand Cherokee fail?

The bearings of your Jeep Grand Cherokee experience radial forces even if you are driving the vehicle in a straight line. When you drive the SUV at high speeds, the bearings experience additional forces causing regular wear and tear. Curving at higher speeds increases the forces on the bearings causing them to wear more.

Consequently, all-wheel bearings eventually will fail; how long they will last depends on your driving habits. Poor wheel balance and uneven tire pressure can also strain the bearings, causing them to fail prematurely.

How do we know whether the Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise is due to bearing issues when accelerating?

The most notorious sign of a faulty bearing is the humming noise that changes in intensity or pitch when you make a curve at high speeds. For instance, if the humming increases when you make a left turn, there is a good chance that the bearing of the left wheel is at fault.

What to do if the wheel bearings are defective?

If a faulty bearing makes your Jeep Grand Cherokee emit a humming noise when accelerating, you should consider getting the bearings replaced. It is also advisable to replace both the bearings of the same axel rather than just replacing the one giving you the most trouble.

You can assume that if one bearing fails, the other will eventually fail since they must have experienced similar stresses. Replacing both in one go can save you time and reduce the risk.

Unevenly worn tires

jeep grand cherokee unevenly worn tires

Cupping and scalloping are common issues with tires of SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This type of wear causes the tire surface to become uneven; it can cause a humming noise at high speeds.

When scalloping or the formation of pockets of increased wear occurs, the when can easily get off balance, creating issues. One of the reasons this happens in SUVs is an issue with shock absorbers. If your vehicle has a problem with the suspension, there is uneven pressure on the tire surface, causing it to wear at different rates.

You must get your suspension checked if your tires are wearing out unevenly. Some of the reasons for uneven wear of tires include-

  • Unbalanced wheels
  • Improper wheel alignment
  • Underinflated or overinflated tires
  • Cheap tires with inferior quality
  • Suspension issues

Problem with alignment

An improper alignment can also result in a Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise when accelerating. It is important to ensure that you are checking all four wheels for alignment during the regular check-up of your vehicle.

The easiest way to determine if there is a problem with alignment is by observing how your SUV handles. Pick an open straight road and drive your vehicle over 35mph. Now, slightly lift your hands from the steering wheel and observe what happens. If your car is pulling itself either to the right or left, there is an alignment issue. Ideally, your Jeep Grand Cherokee should drive in a straight line even when you lift your hands off the wheel for some time.

Be cautioned that if you choose this method, pick an empty road and never leave the steering wheel completely. Safety is of paramount importance.

Some other reasons for Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise when accelerating-

  • Exhaust system leaks
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Loose steering belt
  • Issues with the transmission of gearbox

Although these issues are rare, they might also cause a humming noise. However, if these issues exist, the humming is not usually the first sign. You might experience other problems and the humming noise if these issues are present in your vehicle.

Is Humming Noise a Common Issue in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

is humming noise a common issue in jeep grand cherokee

Yes, humming noise is a common issue owners encounter with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, even if it is a reputed SUV. Users of the Jeep Grand Cherokee discover the humming noise at different speeds. Besides, the noise can also occur when the SUV is idle. 

A well-performing Jeep Grand Cherokee is not supposed to produce humming noise. So, when the noise arises, it indicates something wrong, like uneven tires, low transmission fluid, exhaust system leakage, misalignment of wheels, worn bearings, and more.

We often notice users report the issue of humming noise in their Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, it’s essential to be well aware of the problem. This helps you take immediate steps to resolve the issue if required. 

Is It Normal for Transmission to Hum?

No, the transmission system of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is not supposed to hum unless it goes bad. Moreover, the humming noise can be more acute when accelerating the vehicle. 

So, if someone hears a humming noise from the transmission, this simply means there are issues with the key component of the SUV. 

Now, multiple things can happen and cause humming noise from the transmission. Chances are the transmission fluid, which is there for lubricating the transmission parts, becomes low and causes a humming noise. In addition, there can be issues like damaged or worn-out transmission, clogged transmission filters, and more.

Therefore, the issue of transmission to hum should not be taken lightly. Instead, users should take necessary measures in order to resolve the problem to avoid costly repairs or even transmission failure. 


Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent SUV that handles smoothly and is great for off-roading. The vehicle enjoys a loyal fanbase thanks to the affordable pricing, excellent safety rating, and easy fixes.

When accelerating, the Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise has a relatively easy fix in most situations. So, while the issue might be bothersome and annoying, it won’t cause you a lot to fix it.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee might not be as fancy as some of the SUVs in the segment with cutting-edge tech and a digital interface, but it is still the first choice of many looking for a reliable, easy to fix, sturdy SUV that requires low maintenance.

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